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Epal Chicken

Offering several chicken products such as hen feet, chicken upper/lower backs and whole layer hens, Epal Chicken is exporting to Far East (China & Vietnam) and West Africa (Ghana, Angola, Togo, Cameroun, Benin) since 2007. Private label solutions are also a well experienced area for us.


Fresh olives of Ayvalik, produced as a golden oil. Tastes fine by low acid percentage, comes with a geographical identity hologram of Turkey.

Packaging: 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml bottle.



Best quality fresh apricots and figs, delicately picked and sun-dried naturally. Processed as sliced, it is good to use in cakes, cookies and also a healthy snack with many benefits to your health according to a regular snack. Comes individually as apricot, fig or apricot&fig as mixed together; depending on your taste.

200g, 420g, 960g & 1420g plastic bucket,
180g, 400g & 600g crystal box,
380g & 700g rectangle plastic box.



Dried and marinated tomatoes from fields of Anatolia. Tastes delicious in every meal. Comes to your kitchen with many different options.

275cc jar (marinated), 200g tray (marinated), 250g vacuum bag (marinated),
380g, 960g & 1420g plastic bucket (dried)



The best mix for your dog the best food. With two kinds of lamb and chicken Yuppy, animal lovers since 2012 is a regular choice.

For more information and online ordering: www.yuppymama.com